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Delivering firewood for the past seven years in the Moran State Park on Orcas has earned me the name "Woodman" thanks to the local islanders and visiting population. During these years I have logged and cleared my own land to build a home and farm for my family. It has been one of the most enjoyable journeys in my life.

My company, Axe & Wedge, has developed one split log at a time.  We have now expanded our services and are taking on residential customers. Household firewood needs, clearing, property clean-up and forest management are some of the services I now offer. Prices for firewood are listed on the above link.

You might be interested in a bit of information about me. I was raised on Orcas Island. I have deep roots here and have carved out a life here. I am a mechanic by trade (specializing in classic restorations), but I love the land, and it has inspired me to change my day to day occupation. I would rather be outdoors than indoors.


Please feel free to contact me regarding firewood or forest management. I look forward to building relationships as I establish my business on Orcas Island.

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Edward Stone

365 Stoneridge Rd

Olga, WA 98279


Tel: 360.376.3938


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