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There is NO guarantee we will be able to fill "seasoned firewood" orders.


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Axe & Wedge 

 You will find there is a lot less debris when you order green firewood. Also giving it time and allowing it to season will increase it's BTU potential substantially. We recommend ordering it in April & May. If you have your wood stacked in early spring it should be ready to burn by October.  You will notice our "seasoned firewood" cords are substantially higher in price, save yourself some money and order early. Please feel free to fill out our order form below (it's the only way to get on the list). We are grateful for your support & patronage.  

Prices & Ordering

One Cord Fir Green                    $475
Cord Alder                                      $N/A
Fir (green)1/2 Cord                    $450

*Due to fuel price a DELIVERY FEE WILL ALSO BE APPLIED depending on where you are located. 
Also, 12" and under lengths will cost up to an additional $100 to process per cord.

Firewood prices are based on firewood being cut and split to your desired length. Let us know if you need to burn the firewood immediately or if you are stocking the woodshed far in advance. Partially seasoned firewood may be "rain wet" (wet from exposure to rain during delivery), but once dried will burn efficiently. "Partially seasoned firewood" WILL COST MORE than green firewood, status of availability is noted above. There is also a limited amount of it and no guarantee the order can be filled. We strongly advise you order your firewood a minimum of SIX (6) months in advance if you use it as a heat source. One cord is a "true" cord which, if stacked, is 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Call or email us with questions.


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Image by Jason Abdilla
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