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Thanks for contacting Axe & Wedge, your local island firewood company!

I have received your firewood request. If you have requested "green" firewood you will be contacted to set up a convenient time for delivery. Please understand that firewood is being processed 5 days a week, but there is a list of people (and I go down that list in the order it was received). If you have been contacted and you couldn't take the delivery at the time, you will be bumped. 

There is a $50 delivery fee and the possibility of $100 to Deer Harbor/Orcas, which will be confirmed with before you firewood is processed. Also, if you require firewood length to be processed at 12" or under there is an extra change for this for it increases the processing time considerably. I also do not stack firewood, you will unfortunately have to coordinate that yourself. 

Cash or check is required upon delivery. We do not delivery when no one is home to ensure firewood is placed in correct location (free of drain fields, irrigation systems, etc.). I want to make sure you are satisfied with the product and it's placement and you need to be present for that.


Once again thanks for contacting Axe & Wedge! 

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